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How does your company ensure the employment quality of foreign domestic helpers?

All applicants are screened and personally interviewed by both our Singapore staff as well as our foreign counterpart. Our management regularly travels to the origin countries to interview and screen candidates. Our thorough selection process and training programme ensure that all our applicants at least meet, if not surpass, the basic standards set by MOM.

Am I eligible to hire a foreign domestic helper?
Can I hire 2 or more foreign domestic helpers?
I don't know which country to hire a domestic helper from. Do you have suggestions?
Can I reserve a candidate before paying my deposit?
How long do I have to wait before the domestic helper arrives at my house?


How much is the employment levy?

Employers of foreign domestic helpers are required to pay a monthly levy through GIRO.

There are two types of levies:

  1. Normal ($265.00); or
  2. Concessionary ($60.00), which applies to families with young children below 16, elderly members above 65, or elderly members with disabilities.
Am I eligible for the concessionary levy?

During Employment

My helper ran away. What should I do?

Firstly, the employer must file a police report, which serves as an official record. Secondly, the employer must inform us immediately with full details. Following that, we will liaise with the relevant embassy and will convey all further instructions to the employer.

In case of such situations, we advise all employers to purchase insurance with bonds.

My helper is unsuitable. What should I do?


As an employer, what is my responsibility if I transfer the helper?

As stipulated by work permit conditions, you are legally responsible for the FWD for as long as the work permit is under your name. All legal responsibilities will cease only when the work permit has been terminated or transferred to another employer. Until this happens, you will still be liable for the levy and other aspects, such as food, lodging and any medical expenses incurred.


If the helper initiates termination of contract, am I liable to pay for her repatriation (i.e. the cost of the air ticket)?

Yes, under work permit conditions, the employer shall bear the full cost of repatriation to the said origin at all times.

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